Nicol A. Barria-Asenjo, Slavoj Žižek:
Psychoanalysis Between Philosophy and Politics
Language: English
Publisher: LOOK Publications, of the Multimedia Cultural Centre Split and the Press of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Split
Editors-in-Chief: Jasna Gluić and Brian Willems
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For the Press of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Split: Dean Associate Professor Gloria Vickov
Reviewers: Stipe Grgas and Jelena Šesnić
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ISBN: 978-953-7344-06-1 (MKC Split) for the online version; print version is forthcoming (FFST)
"Psychoanalysis Between Philosophy and Politics is a remarkable, interdisciplinary volume consisting of fifteen chapters dealing, as the title suggests, with the numerous and diverse connections between philosophical and political discourses. It is divided into three sections: The Philosophical Vision of Politics, The Political Crisis, and The Knot Between Psychoanalysis, Philosophy, and Politics. The essays included come from several academic fields (philosophy, political, sociology science, psychoanalysis, clinical psychology, social theory, postcolonial studies) and different European and Asian countries (such as the United Kingdom, Serbia, Poland, Belgium, Philippines, East Timor, Taiwan, Korea)."

- From the Foreword by Ignacio López-Calvo, University of California, Merced